Meet Our Team

Collectively we have close to 50 years of experience working with technology. We are dedicated to making our client's lives easier with our solutions. We have worked with a variety of organizations from nonprofits, fashion bloggers, construction companies, and more.


Amber Manning, Founder & CEO

I founded AmberCo. when I was five years old. Over the years, it has offered a variety of services from house cleaning, babysitting, car washing, travel planning, interior design and more. After college, I serendipitously fell into working for a  web development company and I never looked back. I am happy that AmberCo. has finally settled on a mission that helps people in a meaningful way. I am also happy that some of the original services AmberCo. offered (cleaning and organizing) have carried through into its current iteration. I have been lucky enough to work for significant nonprofits such as the Sierra Club and the International Committee of the Red Cross and small local companies such as Hinkel Equipment Rental. My favorite part of working in technology is finding creative solutions for people and making their day to day work easier.  

Landor LeBaron, Chief Technologist

I have been on computers since I was 2 years old. It must have been first grade when I read the DOS manual and discovered how to ctrl-break out of the batch file menu my brother wrote to confine me to certain games. I first got paid to do web development the year after high school. I had found LAMP and teamed up with a friend who was an artist and drummer and had learned Photoshop and Illustrator from his older brother. Together we made a few sites and in 2002 ended up getting hired together for an eCommerce startup. I’ve been doing  web development ever since. Over the past eight plus years I have been working with AmberCo. to find creative ways to make our client's businesses shine on the web.  I have yet to find a feature request that I can't implement or a bug that I can't squash. 



Aiden Pierce, Content SpecialisT

My background is in English. I find that good writing is just as important today as it was in the days of Shakespeare and Emerson. I joined AmberCo. a couple of years ago to help our clients migrate and polish their content. My favorite part of working in technology is the immediate gratification it offers in seeing the changes I make with each input instantly reveal the next piece of my respective client's vision.